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About Waydes TEAM  

A YOUNG, OPEN AND PROFESSIONAL TEAM with desire to convert that IDEA or CONCEPT in fact for all your bussines: CORPORATIVE, WEB or SYSTEMS. Will be able to offer clients, with our support, a real IMAGE of CREDIBILITY, TRUST and SERIOUSNESS. Just imagine it...

» SPEED: We send 1 concept FREE in 24 h
» CONFIDENTIALITY: Just select the way
» GUARANTEE: Pay ONLY at the end of job


Service's Offer


Logo, Trademark, Slogan, Publicity, Papers, Newsletters, Personal Cards, Documents, Spreadsheets, PDF, Decorations, Prints, Labels, Packs, Tech Support, General Designs.


Databases, Multimedia, Animations, Presentations, Control, Accounting, Stocks, Stats, Polls, ERP, Networks, Acces, Various languages, General Coders.


MultiPlatform, Dynamic, Flash, Banners, Templates, Icons, CSS Styles, News, CMS, Bulletins, Blogs, Comunities, Bookings, Events, E-Learning, E-commerce, CRM, Hosting, Search Engines SEO.

More services

Consultants, Planning, Organization, Internet, Hosting, Informatics, Suppliers, Projects, Art, Translations (SP-EN-IT-FR-PT-GR-CH), General Enterprises Services.


Developed Products

F-RYS System for Restaurants

Control of restaurants and similars. Include A-RYS System for Warehouse control.

RENTY Lodging Search

Online search engine for lodging (casa particular, private apartments, rooms) in Cuba

ROOM-MORE Online Bookings

Online bookings system. Casa Particular, Hotels, Rentals services, travel agencies, etc.

CLEANVIRUS Antivirus Tools

Tools for virus disinfection and elimination of damages caused by these.


How we work?

SPEED. Our team is able to make you totally arrive in 24 hours the first version in 3 variants of any concept or design FREE. We participate everyday in marketplaces .

“The speed is something essential in the world of the business today. Every day born and close in question of minutes thousands of business, for that reason our clients need speed and dynamism in their concepts and designs, because of them their launching depends in great measure to the market.”

CONFIDENTIALITY. Our team is able to send any project, concept or design through the way that you choose: Email, FTP or direct publication in web.

“With the objective of low costs, many managers use the strategy of to subcontract some services for their business. But, in many cases, for questions of privacy or loyalty, this topic is not able to being of public domain.”

LOW COST. The concepts or designs of our team are uniques and exclusive for each client.

“The idea of working with design structures or systems types (templates, open source projects, free systems, etc.) make the load of costs to our clients to be minimum and our very competitive and low prices.”

GUARANTEE AND PAYMENTS. Payments in cash, bank wire or online payments.

“You only will pay our concepts or designs at the end of finished work. $0.00 in early payments or percents.”

UP TO DATE TECHNOLOGY. We work with humans resources and infrastructure of advanced hosting that allows to put online any project in minutes.

“We work only with up-to-date technological base: programming languages [PHP, ASP 3.0,, Perl, Python, C++, Delphi], databases [SQLServer, MySQL, Posgress, Access], hardware [Intel, AMD], design softwares [Adobe CS4, Corel 14, 3DStudio, Autodesk], hosting and standard global [web 2.0, xml, xhtml, css 2], so that our clients can apply our concepts or designs in any device or format.”

PREFERENCES. Our team prefers and recommend the following products and services to help you with your necessities.




Partners (Links)

COLLABORATION. Our team collaborates with other teams or organizations to improve performance and bring to you combined projects.
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